Daresay Design Sprint

The design sprint is a quick way to build & test a realistic prototype of a product, service or new feature together with us in just 5 days. It helps you to fast-forward into the future and get real customer reactions and data from a realistic prototype.

What you need?
– An opportunity, a problem, or a challenge

For whom?
– We do the design sprint together with all types of customers; from small boot-strapped start-ups all the way up to some of our biggest clients.

What do I get?
– A first realistic prototype in days instead of months
– Real insights from 5 users from the target group
– A clear understanding of what to do next

How does it work?

The design sprint is divided into five phases. Trough the right preparation and focused work it can be performed in just one week.

The third day is usual the toughest as this day requires the most decisions to be made. The last day is often magical; by smart use of cameras and microphones we watch, listen and learn to when real live humans tests the results and outcome of the sprint.

Want to learn more?

David Furendal
Head of Labs
+46 761 344 367

Fredrik Johansson
Design Lead
+46 706 596 466